Stormy Seas

  Australian made leather Hats

  The original fairdinkum Walkabout Australian leather hat has a distinct patented design...not to be confused with the traditional Akubra fur felt hat.
This genuine Australian product is manufactured by Blanctete Leather Products, a family business in South Australia that has been involved in the leather industry for over 30 years. It is now sold in eleven countries and accepted virtually world wide as "the every persons hat."
Hand crafted from highest quality waterproof pigskin suede, selected cattle, water buffalo and kangaroo leathers, our Walkabout hat has been the top selling leather hat in New Zealand, Australia, UK, Canada and USA since 1992.
The original Walkabout Aussie leather hat is the cheapest leather hat you will find. It has been described as "the most comfortable and practical hat on the market today" by thousands of satisfied owners including stockman, sports enthusiasts, farmers, trampers, hunters, fisher folk and the ordinary Bloke in the street. A fair-dinkum "Walkabout hat" is cool when itís hot, warm when its not. Dry in the rain and soft on the brain. Your Walkabout Australian leather hat not only looks and feels great, it will do every thing a hat is meant to do.......better and cheaper than many inferior products.

What more can one ask ?? Fair-dinkum Walkabout hats are not available in stores so look for our booth at selected shows, fairs, markets and malls where professional salespeople can assist you with correct sizing and color selection... and ensure that your purchase is a genuine Australian Walkabout, AND at the correct price. Alternatively, email us for a details about a Bona-Fide Walkabout Distributor near you.